Friday, March 15, 2013

Uh Oh

Son #2 has learned a new phrase.  Now, everything he says is.  "Uh oh!"

My husband got him going on this phrase one sunny morning.  He worked with Son #2 until our sweet little baby was saying "Uh oh!" every couple of seconds. 

Son #2 is so cute when he says it. 

The cat walks by and he says.  "Uh oh!"

I hand him a bottle and he says.  "Uh oh!"

My husband gets a cup of coffee and he says.  "Uh oh!"

Son #1 races cars around the kitchen and he says.  "Uh oh!"

My brother takes a plate to the sink and he says.  "Uh oh!"

The dog curls up in a corner and he says.  "Uh oh!"

Abuelita knocks on the door and he says.  "Uh oh!"  Then, he runs like a mad man to the door in order to escape to the front yard.

Then, I say.  "Oh _______ !"

Hopefully, he won't pick up on that phrase.

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