Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pretend Restaurant

One sunny and cold afternoon, Son #1 pretended to be a chef at a restaurant.  He pulled double duty as a waiter as well.  From the living room of my mom's house, I could hear Son #1 frantically stirring, mixing, and banging utensils around. 

Son #1 called out from the miniature kitchen.  "O.k. Food is ready!  I'm going to be the waiter now and you guys have to order."

All the adults in the living room raised an eyebrow but congenially agreed to order the invisible food.

Son #1 trotted into the living room proudly and began to take orders.  Then, he made his way to the counter to collect his entrees. 

A giggling little boy appeared around the corner and delivered an entrée while announcing.  "Here is your poop spaghetti."

The recipient made a sour face and declined the nasty yet invisible dish.  Son #1 doubled over with laughter and delivered yet another entrée a la poop.  This customer replied.  "Eww."

After several attempts to serve us invisible poop, Son #1 bounded back to the kitchen to prepare new food.  A few minutes later, he appeared with a dish for his Tio (Uncle). 

Son #1 announced.  "Here you go.  This is rice and beans with no poop in it!"

Well, it's about time!

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