Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Dandelion

Toddlers discover so many things.  Son #2 was running in the backyard the other day and found a fuzzy dandelion.  His eyes grew as big as saucers as he twirled the weed between his fingers.  Cottony seeds swayed to the spinning motion.  Son #2's face lit up as he watched the dandelion dance.

Son #1 yelled in a tattling voice.  "Mom!  Look what Baby has!"

I replied casually.  "It's OK.  It's only a dandelion.  It won't hurt him."

Son #1 became interested and peered at the fluffy weed with his baby brother.  I prayed the boys would not blow the seeds off the stalk.  Those seeds are trouble for the lawn even though they are fun to watch as they lilt through the breeze.

The boys giggled with glee as they played with their little find.  Then, the moment of fascination passed.  Son #2 tossed the dandelion aside and raced with his big brother to a new backyard adventure.

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