Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frustrated Skier

A couple days ago, we went skiing down a snow packed mountain side.  The sun glistened off the snow crystals and the sky was a deep blue hue.  No clouds could be seen for miles.

My husband, Son #1, and I rode the gondola to the top of the mountain and were amazed by the breath taking scenery before us.  We took pictures and then scouted out an easy trail for Son #1 to attempt. 

This was Son #1's fourth time skiing.  He was very excited about being on top of the mountain and was confident in his ability to traverse its slopes.  We made our way slowly down the first slope and onto a winding trail.  Son #1 sailed over the powder enthusiastically on the top half of the mountain.

As we neared the bottom half of the mountain, Son #1 began to show some fatigue by losing his balance or dropping his poles.  Each time, my husband or I would help him stand up but we could tell Son #1 was losing his patience. 

Suddenly, Son #1 tipped over into the snow again.  I reached down to help him up but he dropped his poles as he was getting to his feet.  I patted his back and handed him his poles.  Sadly, Son #1 would not be soothed.  He shrieked in frustration and threw his poles to the ground. 

As the poles bounced along the path, a fellow skier commented.  "I feel the same way!"

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