Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes

After eating lunch at my mom's house, my husband and eldest son began to load the car with our belongings.  I gabbed with my mom and sister while my youngest son wreaked havoc upon the living room and hallway.

As Son #1 and his dad exited the front door, they came upon the new neighbors standing on the sidewalk casually smoking cigarettes.  Son #1 eyed them and exclaimed in a loud voice.  "Smoking is bad!"

My husband's eyebrows shot up to the sky.  He muttered to Son #1.  "Don't be rude."

Son #1 would not be deterred.  He self-righteously announced.  "Smoking can kill you!"

"Shhh!"  My husband responded tersely.

How my husband wished the ground would open up and swallow them.  Yet, he stoically continued with Son #1 to the car.  The neighbors stared possibly out of disbelief.  Six-year-old children can be excruciatingly honest sometimes. 

With all of Son #1's proclamations about the evils of smoking hanging in the air, my husband hurriedly tossed our things into the back seat.  Quickly, he and Son #1 climbed into the car.

When Son #2 and I got into the car, my husband told me the story.  I giggled impishly as my husband said.  "Don't look at them."

As we drove away, I said with a touch of chagrin to the neighbors who just happened to be out of earshot.  "Welcome to the neighborhood."

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