Friday, March 15, 2013

Double 0 Monkey

One morning after traveling all night from skiing, my husband and I lay in bed while the boys watched Curious George.  Curious George was a spy that day and was very busy with his espionage.  Son #1 and Son #2 were glued to the TV watching with anticipation the monkey's every move.

The episode ended and I shouted from my room.  "O.k. guys!  Turn the TV off."

Son #1 grumbled.  "Ahh Mom!"  However, he obediently complied with my request.

Son #2 toddled away from the TV to his toys.  Son #1 scoured our Tupperware cabinet for a lid.  While Son #2 busied himself with some cars, Son #1 peeked around the door to the bedroom and shyly smiled.  "Mom, can you put this by Dad?" 

He handed me the lid to our juice pitcher.  I shrugged and placed it by my husband's arm on the bed.  Then, I sat crossed-legged on the bed and watched our eldest son trot off into the living room.  My husband called out.  "Hey Son!  Why do I have this lid?"

Son #1 reappeared at the door with an empty toilet paper roll and said.  "I'm Double 0 Monkey."

As soon as Son #1 disappeared to the other room, my husband and I melted into silent laughter. 

"Double 0 Monkey?"  My husband mouthed. 

"Yeah."  I replied. 

"Curious George was pretending to be a spy." I explained.

"Ohhh!"  My husband whispered.

We doubled over into fits of giggles again.  Double 0 Monkey was completely oblivious to our laughter.  However, he did a great job of spying from his post in the living room.

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