Monday, January 2, 2012

Mission: Pee On Parents

From Son #2's Point of View:

"This is Baby Voodoo preparing for take off."

"Baby Voodoo, you are clear for take off.  Bogies are coming from the hallway at 11:00.  Commence mission."

"Tower, I have the bogies in my sights.  Requesting permission to fire."

"Baby Voodoo, permission to fire is granted."

"Target acquired.  Firing first missile...NOW!  Target is missed.  Firing second missile...NOW!  Target is hit!  Target is flustered and running for cover.  Tower, requesting backup for second bogie.  Second bogie is quick."

"Baby Voodoo, request denied.  Kinder Voodoo is outside playing football."

"Preparing for evasive maneuvers.  Second bogie is coming at me with a diaper.  Target is in my sights.  Target acquired.  The target is too close.  Switching to guns.  Target is hit!  Yeehaw!!!!!  Baby Voodoo does it again!  These bogies don't stand a chance."

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