Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Assemblers

We had just finished communion at church.  The communion glasses were stacked neatly in holders behind each pew.  Various people were collecting the glasses to be washed and stored.  Son #1 decided he wanted to help.

Son #1 ran up and down different aisles collecting the little glasses.  Then he carefully returned his collection to an elderly gentleman who was busily preparing the glasses to be washed.  The elderly man thanked my son and continued on with his task.  Son #1 had so much fun helping that he ran up and down a few more aisles to see if he could collect some more glasses.

Back and forth he ran from the aisles to the elderly gentleman with his collection of tiny glasses.  Then, my husband and I motioned to Son #1 that it was time to go. 

As he skidded to a stop in front of us, I asked.  "What were you doing?"

He responded happily.  "Oh, I was helping the assemblers."

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