Friday, January 20, 2012

Man Card

We watch TONS of football.  Son #1 is the ultimate Cowboys fan.  We are in the process of brainwashing Son #2.  (Cue evil laugh.)

One fine Sunday afternoon as we cheerfully watched a couple unnamed but yet highly despised teams get eliminated from the playoffs, a funny beer commercial flitted across the tv channel.  Son #1 zoomed his cars around the imaginary racetrack on our living room floor.  As the characters in the commercial derided a guy for his chick-like behavior, my son slid his race cars in for the final lap of the pretend Indy 500 seemingly unaware of the tv noise behind him.

The tv man quipped.  "Well, that's the second unmanly thing you've done today."

My son's favorite toy car roared by.  "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

The tv man's friend shrieked in a high pitched voice.  "Get me off this thing!!!!"

Son #1's evil nemesis car was on the heels of the favorite toy car.  "Zooooooooooom!"

A final zing ended the commercial.  "Man up!"

Son #1 muttered to himself as he took his cars around the last bend.  "Strike lose your man card."

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