Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today, we watched an episode on Nova about volcanoes.  Lava, ash plumes, pyroclastic flows, and lahars flashed across the screen. 

Son #1 walked into the room and shouted "Oh wow!  It's coming for us!  Everyone's going to die!"  My husband and I explained that we did not live near volcanoes so there was no need to worry.

We continued to watch the show.  Occassionally, we would comment on things here and there.  My husband mentioned to Son #1 that when he was a boy, he lived near a volcano that erupted.  Son #1 was amazed. 

"You were there when it erupted?!?  YOU were going to die!" 

My husband looked at me and muttered under his breath.  "Man, he sure is attuned to death." 

Son #2 responded appropriately.  "Airgut." 

I looked over at Son #1 and asked.  "Are you going to be a volcanologist?" 

Son #1 shouted.  "Yes!  And then I'm going to build a race car that is faster than the volcano so it can save everyone!"

My hero!

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