Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eating the Tablecloth

We went to a restaurant with my family the other day.  After a lovely meal, Son #2 sat with his Abuelita (Grandma).

Son #2 has recently discovered that he could grab things and was busy playing with the paper tablecloth.  Focused as never before, he used both hands to rustle the paper.  His eyes opened wide and he pursed his little mouth.  His legs began to kick as he heard the rustling noise. 

The excitement was more than he could bear.  Son #2 began to pull the paper tablecloth to his mouth.  He had to try and eat it to fully experience the glory that was the tablecloth.  Abuelita saw the tablecloth moving ever so slowly to his mouth and gently pushed the tablecloth back to its rightful place.  However, Son #2 would not be deterred.  He had to eat the tablecloth! 

Again and again, Son #2 tried to pull the tablecloth towards his mouth.  Each time, he was gently stopped by his abuelita.  He fussed a little but Abuelita was tricky.  She would always have something cool to look at or do when the fussing began.

Finally,  we left the restaurant.  Son #2's eyes lingered at the intriguing tablecloth as we walked to the door.  He thought.  "Until we meet again...dear, sweet tablecloth.  Then, I will eat you."

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