Friday, January 13, 2012

Who's Cuter?

The other night while watching tv, my husband asked Son #1 a question with an impish glint in his eye.  "Hey son, who's cuter...that baby on tv or your baby brother?"

"My baby brother!"  Son #1 yelled out.

"Well, how about this.  Who's or your baby brother?"  My husband asked again.

"My baby brother!"  Son #1 responded catching on to the twisted little game my husband was playing.

"Alright, who's or your baby brother?" 

To this rotten question, I replied.  "Oh, you're both the cutest!"

Then my husband asked.  "Who's or your mama?"

Son # 1  paused for a moment and then stated.  "I'm cuter!"

What a rascal.

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