Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Son #2 is cutting a tooth.  I can see it beginning to poke through the gum line.  This jagged, sharp, and pointy front tooth is driving Son #2 crazy.

Last week, all Son #2 wanted was to be held.  He pushed the bottle away with disdain.  He turned up his nose to his toys.  His eyes would begin to close and just when we thought we could put him down to sleep, his eyelids would fly open  as he started to cry.  (The horror.)  The only thing that provided comfort was the boob or an icy cold teething ring.  (Noone has invented the icy cold teething boob so that was not an option.)  Sometimes we tricked him into taking a dab of Oragel.  Poor baby.

Tonight, after having a pretty pain free day, Son #2's mean little front tooth began to torture him again.  At first, he sucked on his hand.  The sucking increased in intensity as the pain set in.  Then he began to frantically reach for nearby toys in his basinette to suck on.  He sucked on the toys but to no avail.  Son #1 took pity on him and brought him Mr. Blue, Son #1's favorite stuffed animal.  Son #2 grabbed Mr. Blue and gummed him greedily in an attack dog manner. 

I think I'm scared.

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