Monday, January 16, 2012

What's Your Number?

We were sitting down eating supper when Son #1 said.  "Next year, I'll be eleven."

I looked up from my food and replied.  "Not next year.  You'll be eleven in six years."

"Do you know what six years feels like?"  My husband asked.

Son #1 looked confused.

"Well, right now you have lived for five years."  My husband continued.  "If you add the five years you have lived to one more year, that would be six years." 

"Oh!  I get it!"  Son #1 exclaimed excitedly.

Then Son #1 asked.  "Mama, what's your number?"

I giggled and replied.  "I'm going to be thirty-six."

Son #1 was amazed but then stated.  "I think that Dad has more years than you."

Then he turned to my husband and asked.  "Dad, what's your number?"

"I'm going to be forty."  He said hoping to shock our son.

My husband succeeded as Son #1 yelled out.  "Wow!  You're as old as Grandpa!"

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