Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Breaking the Habit

Son #2 is slowly transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding only.  He primarily breastfeeds all weekend and then drinks from the bottle while I'm at work on the weekdays.  Monday can get pretty dicey.

Here are Son #2's thoughts on this matter.

Son #2 opens his little eyes slowly.  It is still dark outside.  He ponders the darkness and says.  "Ung, wa ungi!  Ung, wa, ma, mama!"  (Translation:  I seem to be hungry.  Mother, will you please breastfeed me.")

After eating a delicious meal, Son #2 falls asleep and is placed gently into the basinette.  A little while later, the sun peeps through the window blinds.  Son #2 opens his little eyes and quietly shields his face from the light.  He plays with his yellow duck rattle and then says.  "Ung, wa, wa, ung, ungi!"  (Translation:  Once again, my stomach is growling and I am beginning to feel  hungry.  If at all possible, can you feed me with haste.")

In the kitchen, his dad prepares the bottle with loving care.  As he enters the room, Son #2 kicks his feet with excitement and his eyes light up.  His dad lifts the sweet baby to his chest and then settles down to feed him.  Son #2 gazes at his dad with love in his eyes and reaches for the bottle.  He puts the bottle into his mouth and contemplates the moment.  "Ung neh." (Translation:  This is not what I am accustomed to.  I will proceed to spit this rubbery contraption from my mouth.")

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