Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Promise

Last year, my husband was in a play called The Promise.  The Promise is a fantastic play performed for several weeks in the fall detailing the life of Christ.  Son #1 and I attended one of the performances with family and friends.  My son was captivated and followed the storyline closely, turning away from the stage only a few times to ask questions or make comments.

During one of the scenes, Jesus was taken to Herod's palace.  He was thrown onto the floor by the guards.  Herod showered him with derision.  The audience was silent.  Son #1 was appalled.  "THAT GUY'S NOT VERY NICE IS HE!"  He exclaimed in a stern voice that carried across the amphitheater.

The silence was broken.  The front center section of the amphitheater roared with laughter.

Had Son #1 lived during Jesus' time, Herod would have gotten the browbeating of a lifetime.

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