Saturday, December 31, 2011


Son #2 had a little cold but had finally fallen into a peaceful sleep in his basinette.  Sadly, his basinette was in the office and it was past my bedtime.  How do you get a sleeping baby in a basinette from the office to the master bedroom without waking the baby?  I had a plan.

After unlocking the wheels of the basinette, I carefully rolled baby and basinette through the doorway.  Slowly, I made my way down the hallway and into the living room.  I had bumped the basinette twice on my journey so far but fortunately Son #2 only stirred.  Carefully, I inched to the master bedroom.  Success!  Son #2 was still asleep.  I turned on a tiny lamp and heard a whimper.  Noooooo!

I did everything in my power to soothe him back to sleep without picking him up but he would have none of it.  Finally, I picked him up, changed his diaper, fed him, and rejoiced when he settled into sleep again.  I crawled into bed beside my husband and we fell fast asleep.  (Sleep...sweet sleep)

Thirty minutes later, we were awakened by our precious baby sneezing, coughing, and then a noise that sounded to us like a gasp for air.  We leaped from the bed to the basinette and whisked Son #2 to our bed to sleep.  Son #2 giggled.  In his head, we could hear him say "That was easy.  I win again."

In the battle to sleep between Mama and Dada instead of the basinette the score is:
Son #2:  1 point
Parents:  0

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