Friday, June 7, 2013


I have finally determined that Son #2's pooping time coincides with his bath time.  A couple days ago, he did diarrhea in the tub.  AGAIN! 

With a knowing look of horror, I proceeded to disinfect the tub, toys, and toddler.  While in the midst of this torturous task, my husband made a wry comment.  "You know...he does this every time you leave him in the tub." 

I grimaced and replied.  "Yeah.  I know."  This was said as I continued to scrub and rinse everything in the tub.

My husband observed.  "You should change his bath time to another time."  I made a mental note to do just that as I nodded in agreement.

Then, my husband asked.  "How many times have these toys been crapped on?  We're eventually going to give this stuff away.  Are we going to tell them about the crap?"

I began to belly laugh.

My husband continued.  "By the time we give these toys away, they'll have been crapped on about fifteen times!"

I giggled so hard I could barely get the words out.  "We won't tell them.  Let me bleach them.  They'll be alright."

"Yeah.  But they'll always have the essence of crap on them."  My husband said.

"If I start giving Son #2 a bath at a different time, the toys won't have as much crap particles on them."  I managed to say in between peels of laughter.

I hope I remember to give Son #2 a bath a different time.  Toys with the essence of crap on them is not a very nice gift to give to the needy.

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