Tuesday, June 11, 2013


One hot May day, our little family visited the local Renaissance fair.  My boys donned their capes and "swords".  I put on an elegant and flowing dress.  My husband checked out his costume but put it back in disgust.  Unfortunately, his costume had seen better days and needed to be retired.

When we arrived at the fair, we let the boys explore shops, shows, and games.  They sampled tasty food and talked to the actors and shop keepers.  We meandered down the dusty paths and came upon a climbing wall. 

Son #1 gazed at the climbers on the wall.  While our oldest son was focused on the climbers, a bagel vendor began to call out.  "Bagels!  Get your hot, fresh bagels!" 

The bagel vendor was a charming man.  He engaged passersby with witty conversation.  Periodically, he would continue to shout out.  "Bagels!  Hot, fresh bagels!"

Son #1 and the bagel vendor struck up a conversation about the climbing wall.  After their conversation, the bagel vendor noticed that Son #2 was very fussy.

He used his humor to distract Son #2 from his fit of frustration.  Son #2 was intrigued.  Eventually, Son #1 began to climb the wall and the bagel vendor continued down the path selling his wares to the crowds of people.

When the boys seemed completely exhausted, we headed back to our home.  At the house, the boys took baths and readied themselves for bed.  Son #1 was in his room changing into his pajamas when I heard his voice ring out.  "Bagels!  Get your hot, fresh bagels!"

Obviously, our bagel vendor friend made quite the impression.

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