Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bubble Wand

We have been potty training Son #2.  As the days go by, he is beginning to recognize when he needs to use the restroom.  He still has accidents.  However, there are days where he is very successful. 

One evening, Son #2 accidentally peed in his underwear.  The incident happened after supper.  Not only was his little rear stinky from urine, his face and arms were covered in food.  I decided that it was time for a bath. 

I helped Son #2 undress from his wet clothes.  Then, Son #2 climbed onto the potty to see if he could finish peeing in the toilet.  After a few drops came out, Son #2 announced.  "All done!  Get down?"

Son #2 scrambled off the toilet with ease.  The bath was not quite ready so I gave him a bubble wand to inspect.  Son #2 reached for the bubble wand with excitement.  He cried out.  "Thank you!"

As I continued to prepare the bath, I heard a splashing sound.  How could there be splashing when the baby was not in the bath?  I turned around in time to see Son #2 dipping the bubble wand into the toilet.  Once the wand was sufficiently wet, Son #2 began to wave it about the bathroom.  (Oh gross!)  Quickly, I snatched the wand away from him and tossed it into the washer.  I would return later to disinfect the nasty little toy. 

When I got back to the bathroom, Son #2 was in tears.  I tried to console him.  "Baby, I'm so sorry.  I'll get the bubble wand clean so you can play with it again.  You just can make bubbles using toilet water."

Son #2's tears began to subside.  I gave him a big hug and kiss.  Then I plopped him into the bath tub with his cool bath tub toys.  Thankfully, the bubble wand and toilet water were forgotten as Son #2 began to splash in water that was considerably cleaner.

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