Thursday, June 27, 2013

Phonics at the Grocery Store

While at the check out line, I mentioned to my husband that Son #1 was learning to sound out the word "grass".  Pride filled my husband's eyes as he said to our eldest son.  "That's cool!  Good job, son!"

Son #1 quickly responded.  "Yeah!  I can sound out grass!"

Then, Son #1 asked in an innocent yet booming voice.  "Did you know that grass has ASS in it?"

My eyes caught my husband's eyes as I smirked in impish delight.

He suppressed a giggle then replied seriously.  "Yes, son.  Grass does have ASS in it.  You sound it out like this.  Gr...ASS."

My shoulders shook hard as I tried to quiet my laughter.

Son #1 repeated loudly.  "Yeah!  Gr...ASS!"

Could the phonetic end of grass be shouted out a bit more loudly?

I love my son's innocence.  He will never know how much I enjoyed hearing the word ASS repeated over and over at the grocery store.

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