Friday, November 2, 2012

Procedure of the Day: Burp Then Clap

Son #2 has learned to clap.  Whenever my husband and I say "What a good boy!" or "Yay!", Son #2 smiles and claps with all his might.

The other day, our sweet baby finished a hearty supper and began to play rambunctiously around the house.  He climbed, ran, rolled and dodged things (and his older brother) all while laughing hysterically. 

In the middle of the rowdy play, Son #2 let out a HUGE burp.  He stopped with a shocked look on his face but only for a second.  Then, a grin surfaced and he began to clap.

My husband cracked up and shouted.  "What a good boy!"

I giggled and yelled out.  "Yay!"

Son #2 clapped even harder.  He is all boy.

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