Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mr. Screamy

Son #2 has discovered his voice.  He screams when he's happy.  He screams when he's sad.  He screams when he's hungry.  He screams when he's tired.  He even screams when his older brother teases him.  Well, maybe the last reason for screaming is warranted.

When Son #2 screams, it reminds me of pterodactyls in flight searching for prey.  Once while at church, Son #2 decided he wanted to get down from the pew and run down the aisle.  We tried patting and bouncing him to distract him.  Sadly, Son #2 could not be dissuaded. 

Just as a lovely lady began to sing, Son #2 began to shriek.  My husband and I pulled out every shiny object we could find.  Son #2 would coo at the shiny object for a moment but then begin to screech again.  I quickly bundled up the little pterodactyl and rushed him to the mother's room where restless children can fidget and play.  With a sigh of relief, I released Mr. Screamy and plopped onto a rocking chair.  Mr. Screamy morphed back into my sweet and quiet baby boy.

It's amazing how babies can shriek when you need them to be quiet.  It is equally amazing how babies immediately become quiet as mice when you put them somewhere so they can make a lot of noise.

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