Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No! You Fall Asleep!

When Son #2 is sleepy, he usually cries.  "I want my ba!" 

While he is whimpering, I run to the kitchen to prepare his bottle.  Then, I scoop my little baby into my arms and settle down on the couch with his bottle. 

Son #2 coos while his sleepy eyes droop dreamily.  I begin to rub his eyes and eyebrows as his body relaxes in my arms.  The lights are low and everyone talks in hushed whispers.  Usually, Son #2 will finish his bottle, hand the bottle to me, and then announce.  "All done."  Then, he closes his eyes, turns to hug me, and falls asleep.

Sometimes, Son #2 does not want to fall asleep even though he is very tired.  While I rub his eyes and eyebrows, Son #2 forces his eyes open, holds his bottle with one hand, and proceeds to rub MY EYES with the other hand. 

I think that is Son #2's way of saying.  "No! You fall asleep!"

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