Friday, November 2, 2012

Bad Sorry!

Son #1 and his Tio (Uncle) were playing with a particular feature on the cell phone.  This particular feature is nicknamed Sorry because she is very bad at following instructions. 

Tio and Tia (Aunt) had just returned from a fabulous vacation in St. Croix.  Son #1 wanted to know more about St. Croix so Tio spoke to Sorry in a commanding voice.  "St. Croix."  Son #1 and Tio waited with anticipation as Sorry searched the web.  However, what Sorry found was not St. Croix.

Sorry's metallic voice blurted out.  "F**kslut!"

Tio yelled out in shock.  "Stupid Sorry!"

Son #1 reprimanded.  "OH!  We don't say that!"

Tio looked at Son #1 with a sort of sheer terror only uncles can feel when they have taught their nephew a four letter word.  "We don't say what??"

Son #1 replied innocently.  "We don't say stupid!"  Then with a confused look on his face, my eldest son asked.  "What did the phone say?"

Tio responded.  "Uh...nothing."

Son #1 wanted to play some more and questioned his Tio with new excitement on his face.  "Can we ask the phone another question?"

Tio said quickly.  "No.  Sorry is broken.  We'll have to play with something else."

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