Friday, November 23, 2012

Cat Observations

A couple days ago, Son #1 was chatting to my husband and I about the difference between little boys and cats.  He was in the process of showering and getting dressed when he stated.  "I'm naked and I have to put on clothes."

We nodded our heads and his dad shouted.  "You're right!  Hurry up, son!"

Son #1 busied himself with his clothing and then yelled out.  "But cats aren't naked.  They have fur on."

I paused for a moment and wrinkled my brow.  The conversation had taken a weird turn.

Then, Son #1 continued.  "Yeah.  Since cats have fur, they don't have to get dressed."

"Uh huh."  His dad and I replied.

"And they don't have to take showers either.  They just lick themselves."  Son #1 announced from the bathroom.

You're observations are correct, Son #1.  However, you still need to take baths and get dressed.

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