Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Overalls

One lovely morning, I began to dress Son #2 for church.  I dug through his drawers and selected a froggy overall with a matching shirt.  I sighed and gazed at the outfit.  He was going to look adorable.  Cheerfully, I brought the little outfit to my youngest son and presented it to him with pride.  "Look, baby."  I said.  "You're going to wear your froggy outfit today."

Son #2 peered at his clothes from behind his collection of toys.  A frown came over his once serene face.  Then, he bolted down the hallway to the kitchen.

What in the world!

I quickly snatched the clothes from the floor and chased after my naughty little baby.  Son #2 giggled hysterically as he dashed from room to room.  Finally, I caught him, stripped him of his pajamas, and slid him into his little outfit.  Son #2 tugged at the top of his overalls and protested.  Before he could wail in despair, I distracted him with a cool, new game.

While Son #2 was amusing himself, I continued to get myself and Son #1 ready.  From time to time, I would check on my little baby.  He seemed to be entertaining himself well as he played with his toys in his room.

All of a sudden, the house was silent.  I tiptoed from my room and peeked down the hallway.  Why was it so quiet?  What kind of nonsense had my sons created?  As I entered the hallway, Son #2 rounded the corner of his door frame NAKED.  He shrieked when he saw me and scampered to the living room.  I wanted to curse.  Frantically, I chased him through the house, caught him, and redressed him.  Then, I stomped to my room to finish getting ready.

Once I was dressed, I sat down at the table to eat my breakfast.  By that time, Son #1 was busily playing with his cars secure in the knowledge that he was dressed and ready to go.  As I ate, I noticed a tiny yet NAKED toddler strolling through the kitchen.

Not again!!

Quickly, I raced around the house picking up a trail of baby clothes.  Son #2 laughed as he ran to the front door to jiggle the knob.  I cornered him, slid him into his outfit again, and returned to my seat to finish breakfast.

Why won't this kid stay dressed???

Finally, my husband came out to the living room and announced.  "I'm ready.  How are you guys doing?"

I crossed my eyes and said.  "Son #1 is ready but Son #2 keeps stripping off his clothes.  I've dressed that rascal at least three times."

My husband laughed and asked.  "Do you think he's still dressed?"

"He better be dressed."  I replied in exasperation.

"Yeah."  My husband agreed.  "But I bet you five dollars he gets NAKED while we're at church."

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