Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Cup

One hot and summery afternoon, my sons busily played in the living room.  New Socks, our Border Collie, lay on the kitchen floor with his eyes half closed.  Dreamily, he eyed the children as they raced across the linoleum with their little cars.

"Vrroomm!" The imaginary engine roared as Son #1 screeched across the floor.

"Rrrrrrr!"  Puttered the other imaginary engine as Son #2 raced to catch his brother.

The boys played for some time before they began to get thirsty.  Son #1 and Son #2 scampered to my room.  Son #1 shouted.  "I'm thirsty!  Can I get some water?"

"What do you say?"  I asked.

"Please???"  Son #1 replied.

Son #2 piped up.  "I want ba."  (Translation:  I would like my cup filled with milk please.)

I walked to the refrigerator with my ragamuffins in tow.  They jumped up and down excitedly awaiting their refreshing drink.  I handed Son #1 an ice cold water bottle.  He thanked me and ran to the couch.  Son #2 whined a bit as I filled his cup with vanilla soy milk.  Then, his face lit up as I handed him his cup.  He chattered.  "Tatu."  (Translation:  Thank you.)  Then, he pattered after his brother to the couch.

I went back to my room and the boys relaxed on the couch.  My two sons chattered on the couch happily.  Soon, they went their separate ways.  Then, I heard my husband yell.  "No, Son!  No!!!"
I jumped up and ran toward the commotion. 

When I arrived in the kitchen, my husband cried out.  "Son #2 just dumped out his cup of milk on the floor!"

Perplexed, I asked my husband.  "Why did he do that?"

My husband answered irritably.  "He was trying to give the dog a drink.  I caught him doing it and yelled for him to stop.  When he heard me, he began to jump around.  Then, he dumped his drink onto the ground."

Son #2 babbled with interest at the mess in front of the dog.  New Socks happily licked at the puddle of milk.  My husband mopped the spill in frustration.  I shook my head.

Son #2 has discovered the joy of feeding his food and drinks to the dog.

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