Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Missing Tooth

A few weekends ago, our little family decided to explore the river walk in our community.  We loaded the bike, roller blades, and stroller into the trailer.  Then, we went on a quick jaunt to the beginning of the trail.  Son #1 was so excited but also a bit worried.  He had just lost a baby tooth a couple days earlier and he wasn't sure how this missing tooth would affect him. 

"Mommy, will I still be able to ride my bike?"  Son #1 asked with a mixture of excitement and concern.

"Baby, you'll be fine."  I comforted.

Son #1 settled into the backseat and fiddled with the hole in his smile.  He was proud of his missing tooth.  It made him feel grown up.

When we arrived, my husband pulled out our things and set them up alongside the car.  (Yes...we pulled a trailer with a four banger but that is a different story altogether.)  Son #1 jumped out of the car screaming with delight.  "I can't wait to ride my bike!  Look!  There's another guy with a bike!  He brought a helmet just like me!"

My husband and I smiled at our eldest son's enthusiasm.  It is infectious and always makes the day a little more fun.  We helped Son #1 onto his bike and Son #2 into his stroller.  Then, we rode off quickly to the trail.

At first, the trail wound its way between a golf course and a river.  Native greenery shaded us from the burning sun.  Eventually, we came upon a quiet cemetery and fields of tall, golden grass.  The trail climbed small, rolling hills and dipped into miniature valleys.  Finally, we could go no further.  We journeyed back towards our car. 

Sweat dripped down our faces as we pulled up beside our vehicle.  Though exhausted from our adventure, my husband and I loaded our things back into the trailer.  Gently, I placed a sleeping Son #2 into his car seat.  Son #1 quietly buckled up in the back seat.  Soon, we were on our way home. 

Son #1 leaned against the door and looked out the window.  Any worry about his missing tooth had dissipated on the bike ride.  He had thoroughly enjoyed our little journey on the river walk and looked as though he might fall asleep.  Then, Son #1 said in a wistful yet satisfied voice.  "I'm fancy without my tooth."

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