Sunday, September 22, 2013


One lazy Sunday afternoon, I listened to the James Taylor Pandora station while the boys played with their toys in the living room.  Periodically, I hummed along with a tune as I read a magazine in my rocking chair.  Then, the song "Amie" by Pure Prairie League began to play.  I sang along loudly.  My husband heard me singing and he joined in the fun.  Son #1 smiled at us and started to hum. 

Amie what you want to do?  We crooned.

I think I could stay with you.  We continued our serenade.

For a while, maybe longer if I do.  Our singing began to fade as we went about our business. 

While we were singing, Son #2 was studying us intently.  When we stopped, Son #2 picked up his drum and attempted to keep time with Pure Prairie League as they finished up their song.  I watched in amusement.  However, my amusement soon turned to amazement as Son #2 belted out the chorus.

Amie what you want to do?  Son #2 squeaked.

I tink I wa wa wa you.  Son #2 mumbled.

Fa a wa, wa wa wa wa wa I do.  Son #2 sang confidently.

Amie what you want to do?  Son #2 repeated over and over again as he toddled down the hallway to his room.

I was flabbergasted.  Then, I smiled smugly to my husband and blurted out what every proud parent says about their child.  "Babe, Son #2 is a genius!"

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