Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sharing the Ba

One Sunday morning, an untidy Son #2 dug into the kitchen cabinets and played with the Tupperware.  Plastic bowls and lids spilled through the opening onto the floor.  Son #2 sang a garbled song as he flung things behind him.  He was intently searching for something mumbling.  "Hmm.  Le's see.  Hmm.  Le's see."  (Translation:  Hmm.  Let's see.)

All of a sudden he spied the object of his search.  Son #2 announced.  "Oh.  Dere is!"  (Translation:  Oh.  There it is.)

Son #2 fiddled and stacked until he had it just so.  Then, he toddled to my bedroom with his prize.  There, he presented it to me with outstretched arms.  I asked.  "What do you have, Baby?"

"Ba."  Son #2 answered with love in his eyes.  (Translation:  I want you to have my bottle.)  The ba he was offering was a stack of four round, plastic containers.  He held it up for me to drink.  I took the "ba" from Son #2 and pretended to drink my milk. 

"Mmm.  That was good.  Thank you, Baby."  I said tenderly.

Son #2 smiled and wiggled his little fingers as if to request the empty container.  I obliged and returned the empty "ba".  Then, I suggested.  "Go give your Daddy some "ba", too."

Son #2's eyes danced as he chirped.  "Oh! OK."  Then, he scurried toward my husband's office.

As he entered the room, he held up the "ba" as a little gift to his daddy.  My husband turned and asked.  "What is this?"

"Ba."  Son #2 offered in a matter-of fact voice.

"Huh?"  My husband took the gift but looked confused.

"He wants you to drink it."  I explained.

My husband's eyes twinkled as he lifted the "ba" to his mouth.  He made a few slurping sounds and wiped his mouth.  Son #2 stretched out his arm and wriggled his fingers.  My husband returned the empty "ba" and commented.  "Mmm.  Good.  Thank you, little son."

Son #2 proudly strolled back to the kitchen to make more mayhem.  I couldn't wait to see what his imagination would create next.

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  1. I love watching the imaginative play develop. My girls, 4 and 6, still love to bring us imaginary food.