Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Spelling Lesson

It was a beautiful afternoon.  The sun streamed into the kitchen window and brightened the entire room.  Son #1 sat at the kitchen table studiously working on his homework.  He was writing out his spelling words in preparation for his spelling test tomorrow.  Son #2 sat beside him coloring a picture of a train with his big crayons.  I was preparing supper.

The spelling test was a big deal.  I could hear Son #1 mumbling to himself as he spelled out words on the assignment.  "C-a-t spells cat.  A-t spells at"  He whispered.  Son #2 repeated after his older brother.  "Cat!  At!"  I smiled as Son #1 continued.  "A-m spells am.  T-h-a-n-k spells thank."  Son #1 was deep in concentration.

Then, Son #1 looked up from his work and asked.  "Did you know that a-s spells ass?

My shoulders shook as I laughed silently.  "Oh really."  I said with a smirk.

Son #1 replied.  "Yes.  And did you know that when you add a 'k' to ass it spells ask."

I wanted to fall down on the ground laughing but I held my composure.  "Hey, that's cool."

Son #1 went back to his work.  "A-s-k spells ask."  Son #2 parroted his brother.  "Ask!"  I thought to myself.  Good grief!  Well at least they aren't saying ass.  I shrugged and shook my head.  Then, I turned away from the boys and silently laughed again. 

Technically speaking, the definition of ass just means donkey.  However, I like the slang definition better and will be laughing about it in a corner a bit more.

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