Saturday, October 19, 2013

You Must Be Really Old

Earlier this evening, the kids played with the toys in the playroom at Abuelita's (Grandma's) house.  Son #1 fiddled with the Nintendo while Son #2 scrambled over the Foosball table.  I dozed on the recliner as my mom (Abuelita) half watched Veggie Tales with the kids.  It was a relaxing end to a fun family day.

The sun drifted gently behind the houses as stars crept into the night sky.  My eyes grew heavy as I rocked in the chair.  Then, sleep enveloped me.  I must have fallen asleep for a while because I was awakened to my mom tickling my nose.  A horrible smell permeated the room.  I was informed that Son #2 needed a diaper change. 

Some of you may be thinking.  "Wait a second.  Wasn't he already potty trained?"  You are quite correct.  Son #2 does know how to use the potty.  He learned this summer.  He owns big boy underwear.  He just prefers to poop his pants.  We'll discuss this in another post soon.

I meandered to my husband's car and retrieved a diaper.  Then, I plodded up the stairs to the playroom to take care of the stink bomb that resided in Son #2's rear.  While I changed my younger son, I caught Son #1's eyes and said.  "Hey Buddy.  It's time to go home.  Your best friend is coming over to watch football tomorrow and you need your rest."

Son #1 protested for a second but obediently put away the Nintendo.  Then, he skipped down the stairs all the while telling Abuelita about his big day tomorrow.  Son #1 sat on the steps beside Abuelita and put on his shoes.  He tied the first shoe effortlessly but then had trouble with the next shoe.  "Abuelita, can you help me tie my shoe?"  He asked after struggling to untangle the laces.

"Sure."  Abuelita said and she leaned down to investigate the matter.

Son #1 watched as Abuelita smoothed the laces and tied them in a bow.  He studied her hands as she tightened the bow securely in place.  Then, he gazed at her face questioningly and stated.  "You must be really old."

Statements such as the one above are always great for the ego.

My mom and I snickered as we cast sideways glances at each other.  Then, she turned to my eldest son and inquired.  "Why do you say that?"

Son #1 thought for a moment and answered.  "Because you have big veins on your hands like grandmas and grandpas."


Abuelita got an amused look on her face and commented.  "Son #1 thinks that Abuelita is my name.  I don't think he knows that it means Grandma."  Then, she turned to Son #1 and investigated her theory.  "Do you know my name?"

Son #1 replied.  "Oh yes.  It's Abuelita."

"Noooo.  That's not my name.  Abuelita means Grandma in Spanish."  My mom laughed.

Son #1 looked confused.  "You mean you're a grandma???"

Moral of the Story:  If you ever begin to feel cocky about your youthful looks, talk to a first grader.  They will definitely deflate your bubble.


  1. Although I may not look nor act like a grandma, I am now keenly and acutely aware that I am. I'm amused. LOL.

  2. That is too cute, my kiddo stays with my parents aftsr school, hs is four. One day I was talking to my Mom and I asked my Dad a question, "Dad, can you pick up Jake tomorrow?" Little one said, why did you call him Dad, he is MY grandpa! Then he said you are too old to be a Dad to my Father. Haha, kiddos are too much.

  3. @Tammy...I love that your little one is so possessive of your dad. He is too funny. :)

    @Abuelita...hee hee hee...can't wait to see what pops out of my monkey's mouth you mama...don't worry - you don't look old