Monday, May 13, 2013

The Leaf Monster Poos

This is a story about a tiny baby transformed into a Leaf Monster while we camped by our favorite lake.  The little Leaf Monster was swept up into his mother's arms and vigorously dusted until a majority of the leaves fell away from his fuzzy green jacket.  However, some of the leaves remained on the green jacket.  The Leaf Monster had not completely vanished.  This is where our story begins.

As I held the Leaf Monster in my arms, I detected an unmistakable odor emanating from his bottom.  I sighed and settled him down in the front seat of the car in order to change his dirty diaper.  I expected the diaper to have a reasonable amount of poo so I grabbed four wipes.  Four wipes should have been enough.

When I opened the diaper, I found a conglomerate of poo and leaves stuck to his behind.  I immediately muttered to myself.  "Great!  I don't have enough wipes."  Then, I began the tedious process of removing poop, leaves, and twigs from the little monster's rear end.

The Leaf Monster fussed and squealed.  He tried to roll away.  Visions of leaves and poo pasted to the car interior swam through my head.  I shook my imagination free of those terrible images and concentrated on cleaning my baby.  After what seemed like an eternity, I finally placed a fresh, clean diaper onto my baby.  He smiled and babbled gratefully.  At last, the Leaf Monster was transformed back into my sweet baby.

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