Saturday, May 11, 2013

Leaf Monster

A couple weekends ago, our little family went camping by our favorite lake.  It was Son #2's first time to go camping and he was very excited.

The morning had a chill in the air when we climbed out of our tent.  Son #2 was dressed in his jeans and favorite fuzzy, green jacket.  He and his older brother began to explore their surroundings.  They played with sticks, bugs, wood, and flowers.  Then, Son #1 began to build a giant leaf pile. 

The pile grew to modest proportions.  When the pile was just right, Son #1 took a flying leap into the leaves.  Son #2 chortled with delight and tried to do the same.  Our two silly boys bounced, rolled, and jumped in the leaves with sheer joy.

Eventually, they began to tire and sat in their pile of leaves to rest.  Son #1 casually flung leaves in the air and watched them land on his younger brother.  Over and over the leaves flew through the air.  Slowly, they drifted back to the earth and onto Son #2.

When that game had finished, Son #2 was covered from head to toe in leaves.  If you will remember, he was wearing a fuzzy green jacket.  Unfortunately, every leaf and twig imaginable was stuck to his green jacket.  Try as we might, the leaves and twigs would not come off.  Our sweet baby boy was now a Leaf Monster.

I love my little Leaf Monster but I had plans for that jacket as soon as we got home.

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