Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chasing the Ice Cream Truck

One spring afternoon, Son #1 flew out of his room toward the front door screaming.  "The ice cream truck is coming!  The ice cream truck is coming!"

I shouted.  "Don't go out the front door yet!  You need to wait for me!"

I handed  shoes to my sons and my brother.  Then, we ran outside to the edge of the lawn.  We peered up and down the street but did not see the ice cream truck.  Where could it be?  We could hear its song and concluded that it was a street over.  After a brief discussion with the gang, we decided to walk to the corner of our street and wait for the truck.

Slowly, we meandered down to the stop sign.  Son #2 held onto my finger while Son #1 skipped ahead.  My brother walked behind us casually.

When we arrived at the stop sign, we peered up and down the cross street.  There was still no sign of the ice cream truck.  However, we could hear its distinctive song.

We turned left on the cross street and continued our journey.  As we rounded the corner, the tune from the truck became louder.  Son #1 shrieked with glee and sprinted to the truck.  I swept Son #2 into my arms and moved quickly to catch up with my eldest son.  My brother hurried behind us.  The truck stopped and everyone selected a treat.  We conversed with the ice cream man and then bid him farewell.

I'm sure we'll see him again soon.  We are regular customers.  Being that we are regular customers, he probably thought we were lunatics for chasing him down two streets.

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