Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daddy's Surprise

A week or two before my husband's birthday, I had secretly conspired with my mom and sister to surprise him with a banana split party.  Banana splits are his favorite ice cream treat.  Sadly, he rarely gets to indulge in them.

I used to be a terrible secret keeper but the effects of chemo have given me the gift of discretion.  If you tell me something now, I'll never remember it.  Therefore, there is no secret to spill. 

My husband's banana split party had been effectively kept from his knowledge for several days when I realized I needed to go shopping for some of the ingredients.  I was in a bind because I would have to take the boys with me.  Could they keep this secret hidden from their dad?  We would soon find out.

While we shopped, I slyly slipped the banana split ingredients into the cart.  My eldest son got curious.  "Mommy, are we going to eat a dessert tonight?"

"No, son.  We're going to grill tonight."  I replied as nonchalantly as I could.

"Why are you buying bananas and strawberries and whip cream?  We can't grill that!"  Son #1 observed.

I ignored that question but Son #1 persisted.  "Can I have a banana and some strawberries when we get home?"

"No."  I replied a little worried.  "I have to drop the bananas, strawberries, and whip cream off at Abuelita's (Grandma's) house."

"Why?"  Son #1 asked.

"Because."  I responded.  "Hey, do you want corn dogs?"

Son #1 thought for a moment and then began  "Umm...sure.  Are we going to grill at Abuelita's house?" 

At that moment, I felt like I was the one being grilled tonight.  Finally, I broke down and said.  "Can you keep a secret from you Dad?"

Son #1 nodded emphatically.

"We're going to have a surprise banana split party for your dad this weekend.  I have to drop the ingredients off at Abuelita's house.  If your dad sees these ingredients, he will get suspicious.  Don't tell your daddy what we bought or where we went.  O.K.?"

Son #1 whispered with wide eyes.  "O.K."

We purchased our stash of groceries and hurriedly journeyed to Abuelita's house.  Once there, I rushed the ingredient to her refrigerator and ran back to the car.  Quickly, we drove to the house.  When we arrived, I repeated my warning.  "Don't tell your daddy what we bought or where we went.  If you do, the surprise will be ruined."

Again, Son #1 whispered seriously.  "O.K."

We unloaded the groceries and entered the house.  Son #1 ran to his dad's office and shouted.  "Dad!  Dad!  We have a secret at Abuelita's house but I can't tell you!"


Apparently, this is my parents' revenge for the MANY secrets I spilled as a child.

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