Saturday, April 14, 2012

Standing in the Crib

Son #2 is obsessed with standing.  Every possible chance he gets, he wants to stand up.  When he is not standing, he is fussing. 

On day, Son #2 was playing in his crib when he spied the railing.  He scooted over to the railing determined to pull himself up.  Slowly, he reached up with his left hand and grasped the wooden railing.  Then, he began to reach up with his right hand.  He grasped the railing but was stunned to discover that he did not have the strength to pull himself to a standing position.  Son #2 was undaunted and made repeated tries to pull himself up. 

In the kitchen, my husband heard little baby grunts coming from Son #2's room.  He meandered to the room and stood in the doorway.  There he saw our sweet baby pulling with all his might and becoming frustrated by his inability to stand up.  My husband took pity on him and walked to the crib.  When Son #2 saw his daddy, he let out a small whimper.  My husband sat our little baby up beside the railing and placed both of his chubby, little hands on top of it.  Son #2 grinned with delight and pulled himself up.  Standing in his crib, Son #2 stuck out his tongue and smiled like the Cheshire Cat.  Then he cooed and bit the railing as hard as he could.  I can almost imagine him saying.  "I've conquered my Mt. Everest and now I will leave my mark!"

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