Monday, April 30, 2012

Standing in the Crib Part Deux

Son #2 is really getting the hang of pulling himself to a standing position in the crib.

Today, I got home from work and walked into a silent and peaceful house.  Son #1 played quietly on the living room floor.  My brother was relaxing and watching tv.  My husband was surfing the internet and Son #2 was taking a nap in his crib. 


I sat down on the floor of my husband's office and chatted with him about the day.  After a moment my husband picked up the guitar and played a soothing tune.  I perused the day's mail.  Time passed and then we heard a squeaky little voice coming from the baby monitor.  Was he awake already?

Son #1 confirmed it.  "Mama, the baby's awake."

My husband walked into the baby's room.  Lo and behold our baby had pulled himself up to a standing position on his own.  He stood with a cheshire cat grin and then promptly bit the railing with delight.

He is such a big boy.

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