Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've Changed My Mind

My husband and I and our two small boys were making our way to the car after visiting with my doctor.  Son #1 had acted like a monkey during the visit and my husband was reviewing with him proper etiquette when at the doctor's office.  As Son #1 climbed into his car seat and began to buckle his seat belt, he turned his innocent face toward us and asked.  "Can we still go to McDonalds?"

I sighed and asked.  "Do you really think you deserve to go to McDonalds?"

He responded with a resounding "Yes!"

I posed the question.  "What if you were a dad and you had a son that had behaved badly at the doctor's office?  Do you think your son would deserve to go to McDonalds?"

Son #1 sat thoughtfully for a second and then replied.  "No."

I said.  "You're right.  He would not deserve to go.  I'm glad to know that you are going to make a good dad in the future.  Now, your dad is a good dad so do you think it would be right for him to take you to McDonalds after the way you have acted?"

He sat quietly again and then responded sadly.  "No."

I patted his back and said.  "You're right.  Now let's go home."

He leaned his head against the seat and said.  "I want to choose a different answer.  If I were a dad and had a son that acted bad, I WOULD take him to McDonalds."

At this, my husband and I died laughing.  Son #1, you're a very smart and funny little boy but I'm still not taking you to McDonalds when you act like a monkey!

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