Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Song

Son #2 had just finished a bottle and was casually laying back on his boppie.  I laid on the floor beside him and played with his little hands and feet.  We conversed in baby talk.  He smiled, cooed, and kicked his feet.  Then he broke out in to baby song. 

The song was a loud, non melodic growl that continued on at various pitches and decibels.  He cheerfully sang to his heart's content while gazing up at the ceiling and then at me.  I sat in wonder but did not move for the camera for fear that he would stop his serenade. 

Son #2 sang nonstop for ten minutes.  Then his eyes began to close ever so slightly.  Mid song he fell silent as his head drop to the side.  His song was done.  Now only snoring could be heard.

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