Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Healed!

Son #1 got Cars 2 band aids at the local Walgreens yesterday.  He was so excited about the cute band aids and proudly showed me his minuscule scratch protected by his prize.  I oohed and ahhed an appropriate amount of time and then made my way to the kitchen to start cooking our dinner. 

Son #1 played happily in the living room until he bumped his finger on the coffee table.  He came to me cradling his finger and said.  "Mama, I need a band aid.  Look!  I cut myself."

I looked down and saw nothing but replied.  "Oh, that is terrible.  Hmmm.  Let me get you a band aid but first we'll have to cut it off."

Son #1 looked at me incredulously.  "Noooo."  He laughed nervously.  "You can't cut it off."

"But we will need to do surgery on it before the band aid goes on."  I said as I prepared the butter knife for the procedure.

Son #1 assessed his finger and the situation.  "I think I'm better now.  I don't need a band aid anymore."

"I'm glad to see that your finger is healed."  I smiled mischievously to myself.

It is amazing how the threat of surgery with a butter knife miraculously heals all minor wounds.

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