Friday, March 30, 2012

New Legs

One day, Son #1 and I were at the local hospital where Abuelita (Grandma) works.  We stood patiently outside the door of the laboratory and dialed her extension.  Abuelita answered and after a brief conversation she said she would come out to the hallway to visit. 

Son #1 sat on a tile and meticulously colored in his coloring book.  A door across the hall opened and a man with a prosthetic leg walked out.  Son #1 looked up, spied the man with the prosthetic leg, and asked.  "Is that where people get new legs?"

I smiled and quietly answered.  "Sure looks like it."

As the man walked down the hall, Son #1 thought for a moment and said.  "When I grow up and visit a hospital, I don't want to get a new leg."

I almost burst a blood vessel trying to keep from laughing and replied.  "Son, when you grow up you can keep your own legs.  No one is going to make you get new legs."

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