Monday, March 19, 2012

Yellow Snow

Last weekend, my husband and I taught Son #1 to ski.  The powder was thick like cotton candy.  Huge flakes tumbled from the ski as the wind tossed large piles of snow fromt the treetops.  Excited, we skated to the bunny hill and it's medival contraption of pain.  Once there, Son #1 and I caught one of the moving arms.  The line extended, the moving arm pulled against me, my skis did not budge, and I fell onto Son #1with a thunderous crash.  Twice more we attempted this until I passed our smashed son to my husband.  I've been skiing for the last 16 years but apparently I can't figure out the ride up the bunny hill.  Sad.

After our adventure up the hill and then subsequent successful trip down the bunny slope, we decided to brave the mountain.  Son #1 was thrilled!  We rode up the lift, watched our son fall off as we got off, and then began our journey down one of the green trails.  Boarders and skiers paused to encourage our little boy as he wound his way down the path.  Son #1 cheerfully engaged the passerbys with conversation about his adventure on the skis.

Our journey down the mountain was long and arduous.  Though my son fell and lost a ski many times, he joyfully and optimistically jumped back up onto his skis. 

Halfway down the mountain, I heard a little voice shriek.  "MAMA, I HAVE TO PEE!" 

I looked at my son and said.  "The bathroom's at the bottom of the mountain.  Can you wait?"

He replied frantically.  "No, I'm going to pee on myself."

I looked at my husband helplessly.  He turned to me and said. "I told you we should have tried the bunny hill a few more times!" 

Though my husband wanted to continue blaming me, he scooped our son up into his arms muttering angrily and then marched across the slope to a bush.  He glanced to either side to make sure noone was coming and then he helped Son #1 make yellow snow. 

Later in the car, my sister-in-law asked Son #1 how he like skiing.  Son #1 replied.  "I liked it!  We went down the mountain and while we were going down I had to pee.  Daddy helped me pee in a bush and the snow turned yellow!"

My sister-in-law's face went white.  "Eww.  I knew I had passed by some funny colored snow." 

Good thing everyone knows not to eat yellow snow...

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