Friday, February 17, 2012

A Conversation with the Nurse

While at the doctor's office, Son #1 struck up a conversation with the nurse as she took he and his brother's height and weight. 

"And how old are you?"  the nurse asked.

"I'm five!"  yelled Son #1 in his loudest indoor voice.

"Oh, you're getting very big." the nurse commented.

The nurse had Son #1 step onto the scale.  She recorded his weight and then had Son #1 stand against the wall to measure his height. 

"Scoot your feet as close to the wall as possible." said the nurse.  "There you go!"

Son #1 pressed his feet and back against the wall obediently.

The nurse questioned him one last time.  "Do you go to school?"

"Not yet." responded Son #1.

"Why not?"  the nurse replied as she wrote her notes on the chart.

Son #1 quipped.  "I have to learn how to tie my shoes first!"

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