Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Talk

Son #2 babbles, gurgles, and coos constantly. 

One day, we went to the bank to set up an account.  Son #2 was fascinated with the new scenery, particularly the desk.  He began a conversation with the desk that included generous hand movements and leg gyrations. 

"Goooo, cooo, agooo, da da da da da, ba ba, wa wa wa wa."  Son #2 exclaimed as bubbles burst about his little mouth.

"Wa wa wa wa, ba ba, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"  He screamed as his excitement grew.

The desk said nothing and continued to sit there undisturbed.

Son #2 patted the desk with his little drooly hands.  His feet kicked rapidly.  He looked up at the flustered bank officer who was struggling with the uncooperative computer paperwork and stated. "Ppppbbbbbffffffftttttt!"

A coworker quipped.  "He told you!"

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