Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Conversation with the Anesthesiologist

Son #1 was getting ready to have his teeth filled by the dentist.  The anesthesiologist was asking us questions about Son #1's medical history.  Son #1 was sitting on his dad's lap quietly listening.  As the anesthesiologist recorded our answers, she turned to Son #1 and said.  "Look at what I have!  It's a red light bulb that goes on your finger."

Son #1 was skeptical and hid his finger under his armpit.  He cried out.  "I don't want THAT thing!"

The anesthesiologist smiled and said.  "Oh, this thing doesn't hurt.  It just goes on your finger so we can see your heart beat.  Look over there.  That cool machine will make noise every time your heart beats."

Son #1 was intrigued and allowed the red light bulb to go onto his finger. 

The line monitoring the heartbeat jumped up and down with a sharp staccato.  The anesthesiologist said.  "Would you look at that.  I can see your heartbeat!"

Son #1 got excited and then began to ask questions about other devices in the room.  He pointed to one after the other as the anesthesiologist patiently explained their functions.  Then he saw a strange device hanging on the wall and said.  "That one looks like something that shrinks people." 

The anesthesiologist looked confused.  "Huh?"

"Yeah!  People crawl inside the tube and then they shrink themselves."  Son #1 explained.

The anesthesiologist still did not understand.

Son #1 continued undisturbed.  "You see, it is a SHRINKAMADOODLE."

Everyone in the room roared with laughter.  The anesthesiologist left the room chuckling and spread the word about the shrinkamadoodle. 

When our nurse entered the room, she walked up to Son #1 and exclaimed.  "Now, tell me about this shrinkamadoodle.  Everyone in the office is talking about it!"

A shrinkamadoodle...I love his imagination.

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