Friday, February 3, 2012

Adventures in Eating

Son #2 is learning to eat.  He has discovered the joys of rice cereal and peas.  (Mmm...delicious)

The first time he tried rice cereal, his lips pursed into a tight little bow.  He pushed the rice cereal out of his mouth and let it dribble down his chin unsure of how to chew.  However, he was intrigued by the whole process of chewing as compared to sucking so he was determined to try again.

The next time he tried rice cereal, he opened his mouth and mimicked our chewing motions.  White, goopy rice cereal splattered across his face.  Son #2 grinned with delight.  He stuck his hands into the mess on his face, immediately put his fingers to his mouth, and then wiped them on his clean shirt.  My husband declared.  "I'm glad it's you feeding him and not me."

Many feedings later, Son #2 has mastered the art of chewing and swallowing food.  Now, he tries to grab the food off my plate while I hold him when I eat.  He still thoroughly enjoys his meals of rice cereal and peas but I'm beginning to see signs of a syndrome in infants known as "FOOD ENVY".

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