Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Singers

My husband is a singer/songwriter and musician.  Everyday, he practices one of the instruments in his office or writes lyrics on his notepad.  The boys have always been around musical instruments whether it is at our home, Abuelita's (Grandma's) house, or Grandma & Grandpa's house.  Music is a big part of their lives.

The other day, Son #1 and Son #2 were especially inspired to sing.  They ran in circles around the living room belting out the lyrics to one of their dad's songs.  My husband's song played softly in the background as if to accompany their loud yet out of breath voices.  They didn't know the entire song so they filled in the blanks with their own made up words.  Son #2 sang joyously as Son #1 chased him.  Shrieks of laughter filled the instrumental sections.  Soon the song ended and it was time for a bath.

Son #1 climbed into the bath tub first.  He invented games with the boats and played a song on the water flute.  My husband and I sat in the living room watching Frasier while Son #2 connected train tracks on the floor.  Then, we heard a sound from inside the bathroom.  We turned off the TV and listened for a moment.  Son #1 was serenading the duckies with songs from school.  My husband and I giggled mischievously as we eavesdropped on the impromptu concert.  Eventually, the water in the bath got cold.  Son #1 washed up quickly and hopped out of the tub.  The concert was over for now.

After Son #2's bath and a few stories, we all relaxed in the living room together.  Son #2 crawled onto the sofa and lay his head on one of the arms.  My husband turned on the evening football game.  Son #1 watched intently while Son #2 relaxed on the cushions.  My youngest son's eyes drooped off and on until they finally closed.  Then, he turned over to his side and covered himself with a quilt.  My husband and I nodded to each other acknowledging that our son had fallen asleep.  A commercial with a catchy tune rang out from the television.  As the tune was ending, Son #2 sat up from his sleep and sang the last phrase of the jingle.  He smiled to himself and then went back to sleep.  We all looked at each other in shock.  Then, we laughed hysterically.  Apparently, my sons sing in their sleep.

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