Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No and Yes

The other day, Son #2 and I were walking through the house and talking.  He was telling me about various things in his baby talk.  I listened to his story with interest.  Then, he began to whimper.  I made a sad face, held his chubby hand, and asked.  "What do you want?"

Son #2 pointed into the air and mumbled a response.  I couldn't quite make out what was said so I posed another question.  "Baby, are you hungry?"

Son #2 shook his head quickly and replied.  "No."

So, he wasn't hungry.  I paused for a moment and then tried again.  "Are you sleepy?"

Again, Son #2 answered with surety.  "No."

What could he want?  I tried a new question.  "Do you want a toy?"

"No."  Son #2 responded.

"Do you need to go potty?"  I asked.

"No."  Son #2 scowled.

"Do you want to go outside?"  This question was a bit of a stretch considering it was quite cold out there.

"No."  Son #2 said.

This conversation was becoming ridiculous.  It occurred to me that Son #2 might only answer "no" to every question I asked.  I decided to try out my little theory.

"Are you my sweet baby?"  I asked with a mischievous sparkle in my eye.

"No."  Son #2 responded firmly.

"Are you so cute?"  I tried again.

"No."  Son #2 said automatically.

Ha!  So far my theory was correct.  I tried once more for accuracy's sake.  "Do you answer "no" to every question I ask?"

Son #2 paused thoughtfully.  Then, he announced.  "YES!"

I guess he really was paying attention.

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